By using MapEvidance services, you are complying with the Google Maps and MapEvidance Terms of Use.

MapEvidance uses the services of Google maps APIs for address geocoding and map creation. We comply with the general conditions from Google maps. ( See the terms of use of Google Maps API ).

MapEvidance should not be used for illegal activities.


MapEvidance allows you to geocode up to 200 addresses one at a time for free use. The address geocoding quoat is limited to 2500 addresses per day, which is the quoats allowed by Google Maps. If your geocoding and carthography request exceeds this limit, please contact us.

Privacy policy

MapEvidance does not store any of your data. Your data remains available only in your browser. You can delete your data (map) at any time by clicking on the link (delete the map in the Maps page). MapEvidance enforces Google's privacy policy. ( See the rules about Google's privacy policy ).