MapEvidance creates interactive maps for all data that contains geographical information (address, city, zip code, state, country) and for all types of organizations.

MapEvedance's maps help you make informed decisions !

- Companies: quickly find the locations of your customers, porospects, suppliers, competitors.

- Real estate: locate properties for sale or to buy and discover their sectors.

- Studies and research: visualize the data on a map for better analysis.

Create Map in seconds

Copy your data from Excel and paste it into the space provided. Be sure to include the fields (street number, city, province, postal code and country) in the header of your file. Add also your own fields.

Get an interactive map from your data. the table that contains your data will be displayed below.

Use the stelitte mode for a real visualization of the locations of your data positioning.

Use hybrid mode for combined visualization between street mode and stelitte mode.

Create up to 3 different categories (groups) of your data for one enhanced visualization and analysis.